Fall 2018 Season Openers Weekend Review

This past weekend I think I saw most of us out there in some shape or form, so here is some feedback from around the State, the good, the bad and the ugly.

1: Referees are starting to really step up and look the part. Referees are also showing a marked interest in really wanting to get better. Keep it going gang, if we keep this momentum it won’t be long before we are the premiere Rugby Referee Society around the country.
2: Some great work was done this weekend by many of our CMO (Coaches of Match Officials). The most common factor pulling referees down is FITNESS. Its a big one really because if you can’t stay with the game, your arrival at the breakdown will be off, your entry and positioning to those breakdown will be off, this facilitates many other negative parts to the game, slow ball, off sides bla bla bla.
Remember, these players train a minimum of 4hrs per week for their game on Saturday. How much do you put in?
3: If you issued red cards, please go ahead an input that report in WTR (Whostheref). You will see next to your game will be a place you can input score, MR (match report) and you will see a little ‘+’ sign. Click it and it will ring up the red/yellow card report. You do not have to submit yellows, but it is super cool if you do. Reds is a MUST.
4: Remember, always look the part from the time you step out your vehicle till the time you get back in + please be at your venues at least 1hr before kick-off. Again, you know the teams are. We would all like it if your pregame did not interfere with the teams pre-game rituals (warm ups, jerseys, Captain/Coach chat etc). Try get your pre-game chat in before teams even get started with their warm-ups.
And as always HAVE FUN 🙂
*** A congratulations to Bouké Ankone who blew a D1A game over the weekend. These games are usually reserved for B-panel or National Panel Referees. The referee fee is $150 for a game assigned at this level through USA Rugby. So agian, well done Bouké.
– Andre Bruwer, President of Ohio Rugby Referees Society

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