Ohio Rugby Referees Society 2018 AGM

Thank you to everyone who was able to log in last night to the ORRS emergency AGM and to those who were able to send proxy votes through. The position of chair went unopposed so I (Andre Bruwer) was officially elected to step up and try to fill the shoes of Mr. Billy Koval. So firstly, thank you to everyone for their support…now let the work begin.

Short term goals are:
  • To develop a new, better, more efficient website.
  • To put together a clothing line for the ORRS that we can have a one stop shop and a “uniform” of sorts.
  • I want to see us moving towards one scheduling software system rather than the two we currently run on.
  • There is much else to be done, but those are the big 3 for now.
Also on the call was the request for clarification on the HS new “time change” to 35 minute halves. I am currently in discussion with Mr. Farroni who is the new director for RugbyOhio. I will have an answer for everyone before the weekend’s games.
There was also a request for everyone to be kept in the loop, not just on goings on around the state as far as referees go, but also incidents that pop up that would help us all blow a better game.
Other officer positions you all need to be aware of:
Ohio Referee Manger = Mr. Dave Foster (rugby1lt@yahoo.com)

Ohio Referee Development Officer = Mr. Billy Koval (bkoval@evergreenbonds.com)

If ANY referee, no matter your level (C3,C2,C1…and Zack lol), wants to develop their skills and get better at what they do out there on the pitch, please email Billy. Last year we did a good job with the CMO program getting referees the support they requested and some are now on the verge of promotion. BUT we still can do better and Billy has been tasked with taking this program to the next level.
Please spread the word, there is an L1 referee class in Mentor on March 24th. You have to register through USA Rugby. We are looking to do something dynamic with this class and instead of a boring 9am-4pm classroom session, the training is going to take place along side the North Coast Rugby Festival and is going to have the inclusion of a National Panel referee plus some of our own CMOs will be on hand for meet and greet. If we pull this off, it will be one of the greatest, most practical L1 courses yet…. so again spread the word to new guys/girls looking to become referees, the time is NOW!
Looking ahead, the 2019 AGM will be in February and will be coupled with the Midwest Referee Society’s AGM as it is Ohio’s turn to host. We will make this a big event with guest speakers, development opportunities, and some swag gear…. stay tuned, it is not to be missed! 🙂
In closing we have an officer position open…… we NEED a treasurer. If anyone has experience and is willing to take over the books from Juice, who has had a job change and needs to put in all his efforts in that arena right now, PLEASE shoot me an email. We need your help.
Finally, for those referees officiating highschool games, please remember:
1: Collect a signed roster from both teams coaches BEFORE the start of the game.
2: Ensure technical zones are established and medical professionals on on site BEFORE kickoff.
3: Report scores, infractions, etc. post game to ensure prompt payment.
4: Make sure you have submitted your W9s to Lee Pulver, RugbyOhio in order to get  paid.
Thanks for reading and see you out there on the pitch!
– Andre Bruwer, Ohio Rugby Referees Society President and CMO

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